Production starts with knowing how to create a quality product. A team of professionals and specialists created Klinkerit tiles.

Klinkerit tiles are made of high-quality quartz sand, acrylic resin and other anti-allergic, environmentally and human-friendly materials. A product created by scientists that will make your home luxurious, cozy, unobtrusive and impressive. Klinkerit technology has been developed to the highest standards, making our facade tiles or clinker bricks resistant to cold and heat. Our handmade tiles will be useful for almost any home decoration, as they are produced in a variety of colors. In addition, the tiles were produced by scientists using a special technology that does not dye hands, clothes or irritate the skin.

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KLINKERIT produces only the highest quality and certified products.


KLINKERIT products have a 5-year warranty program.


The products offered by us are one of the lowest prices on the market.