Klinkerit tiles

Klinkerit tiles are the only product in the market for which the adhesive that is used serves at the same time as a decorative seam – no extra work needed. Klinkerit is made from high-quality natural mineral raw materials – the highest quality quartz sand, pigments and additives, which are combined with a polymer dispersion binder. During the technological production process, the whole volume of Klinkerit raw materials are colored, and iron oxide pigments ensure high color durability and resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Klinkerit application possibilities:

  • reliably glued on any solid base (OSB, gypsum board, polystyrene foam, masonry concrete)
  • an excellent material for finishing renovated buildings
  • easy to use for decorating interior walls
  • perfect for finishing fireplaces, chimney ducts

Technical data:

  • Klinkerit tiles are very flexible, the tiles are very easy to glue on curved or convex surfaces; easy to form corners – the product perfectly reproduces the relief of the prepared base.
  • For a quality result when gluing Klinkerit tiles, it is recommended to use only original Klinkerit elastic adhesive.
  • Because of the low weight of Klinkerit tiles (1 m² weighs ~ 3.8 – 7.4 kg, depending on the thickness of the tile) – it is easy to work at high heights.
  • Tile thickness – 4 mm.
  • The tiles are easily cut with scissors or with a knife.
  • Minimal material loss – Klinkerit tile residue can be easily connected to other tiles.
  • Easy maintenance – after completely drying, glued Klinkerit tiles can be washed with water.
  • Klinkerit tiles are impact resistant.
  • Outdoor walls covered in Klinkerit tiles do not accumulate water, steam can go through the material and evaporate.
  • Resistant to frost and UV rays.
  • Does not require additional seam treatment.
  • Full resistance is acquired immediately after complete drying of the adhesive (after 3 – 5 days).
  • Does not require additional impregnation.

Klinkerit tile dimensions 240×70, 240×60, 210×50, 330×50, 500×50 mm

Package weight about 14 kg, quantity of tiles in the package 3 m².