Usage Instruction

Stage 1

First, we measure the horizontal lines (5 rows of tiles) from the top of the adhesive base. The height can be marked using ropes or laser spirit levels. Apply the glue with a notched trowel (comb) with a tooth size of 4 mm. The area covered with the adhesive needs to be done in around 10 minutes – do not use excessive adhesive, work in small areas. The ideal gluing temperature is +10-20 °C. Due to high humidity or cold weather the setting time of the glue can be longer.

Stage 2

The tiles are pressed into the glue so that its back side fully adheres to the special glue. The standard suggested width between tiles is 12 mm. There are two ways of gluing the tiles on corners, by simply bending the tile on to the rounded corner, or covering sharp angles by cutting the tiles and joining them on the corners, the exposed corners need to be filled with adhesive of the same color.

Stage 3

Tiles are easily cut with scissors or using a sharp knife.

Stage 4

Level the glue between the tiles with a damp 10 mm wide brush. It is important that the adhesive gets even under the tile and no water can get between the tile and the adhesive.